200 Citizens Facing Legal Charges in Isfahan Over Comments on Raeisi’s Death

200 Citizens Facing Legal Charges in Isfahan Over Comments on Raeisi's Death

The Public and Revolutionary Prosecutor of Isfahan has announced the initiation of legal proceedings against 200 citizens for posting remarks concerning the helicopter crash that resulted in the death of Ebrahim Raeisi.

The prosecutor stated, “More than 200 individuals who spread false news and offensive remarks regarding the helicopter crash incident involving Ebrahim Raeisi have been identified.” Seyed Mohammad Mousavian elaborated that these individuals would face legal actions as per the directives of the country’s Prosecutor-General and the emphatic instructions of the head of Isfahan’s Judiciary.

The identities of these individuals have not been disclosed in the report.

The incident occurred on the afternoon of Sunday, May 19th, when a helicopter transporting President Raisi, along with several officials including Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian, crashed in the Dizmar forest between Varzaqan and Jolfa. Official media confirmed the deaths of Raisi and his companions the following morning after the crash site and wreckage were located. Numerous citizens have since been arrested or subjected to legal proceedings for expressing their opinions on the incident, which the authorities have deemed inappropriate.

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