22 executions in recent 4 days

HRANA News Agency – There have been 18 prisoners hanged in different prisons during the last 24 hours.


According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), 8 prisoners who were charged with drug trafficking were executed in Ghezel Hesar Prison yesterday morning.


These prisoners are identified as: Ali Asghar Khodadust (36), Ali Zarpoush (29), Ali Afkhami (22), Adel Karami (30), Morteza Letafat (33), Mohammad Khaleghi (33), Ali Dabirian (35) and Ali Asghar Kian (41).


This report states that 15 prisoners have been transferred to the solitaries of the Rajai Shahr Prison in Karaj to be executed today.


These 15 prisoners are charged with murder.


Fars News Agency also reported 4 executions including a public one in Qazvin yesterday. According to this report, Hussein Lotfi Khesal, Jalal Telim Khani and Mahmoud Husseini are the 3 prisoners who have been executed in Qazvin prison as well as “H.L” who have been hanged in public in Qazvin on charge of drug trafficking.


In another report, ISNA News Agency says that there have been 4 prisoners hanged in Kerman prison on charge of drug trafficking yesterday morning.


IRIB also reported 2 executions in Zanjan prison which were also on charge of drug trafficking yesterday morning.


On February 17th, 2 other prisoners were executed on charge of murder in Noshahr prison, says the report of Mehr News Agency.


There had been also 2 prisoners hanged in public in Karaj on February 15th.


According to the report of Mehr News Agency, these 2 prisoners were charged with murder, rape and robbery.

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