29 Arrested in Shirvan County for Alleged Satanism

29 Arrested in Shirvan County for Alleged Satanism

The chief police of  North Khorasan province announced the arrest of twenty-nine citizens in Shirvan County, in accusation of “Satanism” and possession of alcoholic beverages and drugs, as reported by IRNA.

The Police official accused these individuals of Satan worship and said their arrest occurred while they were gathered in a villa.

Saeed Motahhari-Zadeh further claimed: “A quantity of alcoholic beverages, Satanic paraphernalia, and various hallucinogenic substances were discovered at the location of these individuals.” Without referring to the identities of these individuals, he stated that most of these citizens were non-locals.

The report does not mention the location where these individuals are being held.

This incident adds to ongoing criticisms of Iran’s regime for its intrusive practices into the private lives of its citizens and violations of privacy rights.

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