3 Activists Imprisoned In Khoy

HRANA News Agency – By applying the imprisonment sentences of “Amin Hajilu”, “Araz Khasehtarash” and “Islam Ali Akbarlou”, these three civil rights activists were transferred to Khoy prison, to endure their one month imprisonment.
According to the sources of HRANA, Human Rights Activists News Agency in Iran, these three Turkish (Azeri) activists were detained in February last year in connection with the commemoration of “International Day of native language” and by the Revolutionary Court of Khoy, each of them was sentenced to three months imprisonment, which was reduced to one month imprisonment by the appeal court.
Their charges were announced as; propaganda against the regime through the preparation and distribution of leaflets and declaration, and their verdict implies to the “one of the Intelligence office’s records based on discovery of one of the declarations and arresting them during the proliferation of leaflets” and the defendants’ confessions.
Islam Ali Akbarlou, one of the activists with the similar charges had been sentenced to six years suspended imprisonment earlier.
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