3 Prisoners Scheduled To Be Hanged Tomorrow Morning / Picture + Video

HRANA News Agency – 3 Prisoners are going to be hanged by tomorrow morning in the Parsilon Prison of Khoram Abad and their families have been asked to go to the prison for the last visit.

According to the reports of the HRANA’s reporters, Behruz Amiri, Rahman Kazemzadeh and Ali Hasanzand are the prisoners who have been transferred to the solitary confinements to be executed by Saturday morning.

All 3 prisoners have been sentenced to death on charge of drug trafficking.

Behruz Amiri has 3 children and is imprisoned since 5 years ago.

Before that they would be transferred to the solitary confinements, Ali Hasanzad has called on the authorities to halt their execution and give them a new chance.

This video footage has been provided to HRANA which you can watch here:

ali hasanvandbehruz amiri behruz amiri-rahman kazemzade-ali hasanvandrahman kazemzade

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