The 67th Issue of Peace Line Monthly Was Published

HRANA News Agency – The 67th issue of Khat-e-Solh (Line of peace) monthly was published. Special article of this issue discuss the probability of constant supervision of Guardian Council over the parliament members as, yet another challenge for democracy, with the title of “appointment against election”.

In this issue, Ghasem Shole Sadi, former parliament member in second and third parliament and lawyer, was interviewed and he discussed subjects like supervision of appointed Guardian Council and probability of increasing its power over the Members of Parliament, as part of the “general election policies” bill.

Aliakbar Moosavi Khouineeha, former MP from the 6th parliament, is another interviewee, who by describing the responsibility of the Guardian Council, called the new supervision, “throwing dust on the face of the current half-democracy”.

In this issue, you can read a moving story from a transsexual with the name of Mahsa, who became prostitute in Isfahan, and talked about her pains, wishes and hopes with Khat-e-Solh.

Hossain Raeisi, researcher and professor of university of Carlton of Canada, discussed about the laws and inhumane interpretation of “Mahdoor-al-dam” (permitted killing by Sharia law).

In the 67th issue of Khat-e-Solh, you can read articles from Aliasghar Ramazanpoor, Mohamad Moghimi, Mohammad Rahbar, Ali Kalaei, Mohammad Mohebbi, Mehdi Dehghan, and other human rights and civil rights activists.

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