7 political prisoners in critical health condition in Uremia Prison

HRANA News Agency – The condition of seven Kurdish prisoner of Uremia prison is critical.
Ali Ahmad Soliman, Mostafa Ali Ahmad, Himan Hasanzadeh, Ali Afshari, Kayvan Esmaeili Mamedi and Behruz Alkhani are the seven Kurdish prisoners who are in bad health condition and need to be hospitalized.
According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), in contrast with the need of these seven prisoners for hospitalization and surgery operation, the authorities pay no attention to their condition.
According to this report, Ali Ahmad Soliman is suffering from herniated disc and visual impairment, but he has been deprived of medical treatment. Mostafa Ali Ahmad is another Kurdish prisoner is suffering from kidney stone symptom and kidney infection. Prison authorities are refusing to send him to medical furlough.
Himan Hasanzadeh, is a Kurdish prisoner who was injured during the arrest by intelligence forces’s shot and now due to severe infection, two of his fingers are paralyzed. He is kept among normal prisoners and does not receive proper medical treatment.
Ali Afshari, the political prisoner of Darya prison, who has been sentenced to death, has infection but is deprived of medical treatment.
Kayvan Esmaeili Mamedi, is using mask due to his mouth infection, but it is reported that he does not receive medical treatment.

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