8 Hunger Strikers of Uremia Prison Sent to Clinic

HRANA News Agency – Eight political prisoners on hunger strike in Central prison of Uremia were sent to the prison clinic due to serious health condition, however after twenty-two day prisoners still continue on hunger strike in prison.
According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), eight political prisoners of Central Prison of  Uremia named Alireza Rasooli, Ali Ahmad Soleiman, Ali Afshari, Shirkoo Hassanpour, Yousef Ka’kah Mami, Khazar Rasooli Ra’d, Mohammad Abdullahi, Abdulreza Rasooli, Sirwan Nazhavi were sent to the clinic because of serious physical condition due to hunger strike and clinic staff intended to give them IV fluids, but they refused to take it and despite their physical weakness, they were returned to their ward.
It should also be noted that prison officials in response to the demands for the implementation of the principle of separation of prisoners’ wards, claimed that, because of small population, 30 people, of the political and security prisoners, it is not possible to allocate a ward to them, while the prisoners of conscience say; at least 45 more political prisoners are kept in different wards and the population of these prisoners are far more than what prison officials claim.
On Thursday, 20th November, political prisoners held in ward 12 of the central prison of Uremia, have gone on indefinite hunger strike to protest against the lack of “crime based wards separation” rule and the problems with some primary facilities, but still their demands are ignored.

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