Ahmad Zaidabadi Will Be Exiled after Serving His Imprisonment Sentence

HRANA News Agency – Ahmad Zaidabadi, political prisoner, probably will be sent directly to exile after being released from Rajai Shahr Prison, in Karaj.
According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency in Iran (HRANA), this imprisoned journalist’s sentence of six-year imprisonment is due to end on Thursday 21st May, but this journalist in addition to imprisonment and deprivation of journalism, has been sentenced to five years in exile in the city of Gonabad.
Ahmad Zaidabadi’s wife, two days before the date of the freedom of her husband, wrote that exile sentence for Mr. Zeydabadi will be directly implemented from the moment of freedom from prison. Mrs. Mohammadi quoted that from oral sources.
Ahmad Zaidabadi, is a journalist and political analyst, who was sentenced to six years in prison, five years of exile to Gonabad and a lifetime ban from any political activity and participation in political parties, interviews or speeches and analysis of events either written or oral, following the events of the presidential election (2009), and now he is spending his imprisonment sentence.
Ahmad Zaidabadi is also Secretary General of the Daftar-Tahkim-Vahdat and is a board member of the Association of Iranian Journalists.

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