Ali Asghar Gharavi is released on the bail

HRANA New Agency – Seyed Ali Asghar Gharavi was released on the bail after nearly two months of being in detention.
According to Green Voice of Freedom, after Bahar newspaper was sentenced for publishing the article of Mr. Gharavi, this scholar and political activist has been released on bail.
Ali Asghar Gharavi, is a member of the Central Committee of the Iran freedom Party and he is the manager of Isfahan branch. He is considered a nationalist religious activist.
Gharavi who has sensorimotor nervous breakdowns disease, herniated disc and prostate pain, has spent nearly 2 months in detention for writing a research paper in the Bahar Journal.
Following the publication of his article entitled “Imam, a political leader or a model of faith?” in the Bahar newspaper, this newspaper was banned and the director manager was detained for several days.

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