Amir Sheibani Zaveh’s Conviction Upheld on Appeal

Amir Sheibani Zaveh's Conviction Upheld on Appeal

The Court of Appeal of Razavi Khorasan Province upheld the ten-month prison sentence and additional punishments for Amir Sheibani Zaveh, a political prisoner held in Vakilabad Prison in Mashhad.

Based on a recent ruling issued by Branch 35 of the Court of Appeal of Razavi Khorasan Province and communicated to him, Mr. Sheibani Zaveh has been sentenced to ten months of imprisonment, an eighteen-month travel ban, and an eighteen-month ban on online activities for the charge of “propaganda against the regime through online activities.”

This political prisoner was indicted on May 5 by Branch 901 of the Mashhad Public and Revolutionary Prosecutor’s Office.

In January of 2024, Sheibani Zaveh faced another legal case for which he recevied by Branch 1 of the Revolutionary Court of Mashhad, presided over by Judge Hadi Mansouri, to one year of discretionary imprisonment, a two-year travel ban, and a two-year ban on online activities for the same charge of “propaganda against the regime.” This sentence was later upheld op appeal.

In April of this year, Sheibani was arrested and transferred to Vakilabad Prison to serve his sentence.

Sheibani has a history of arrests and convictions due to his activities.

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