Anissa Fanaiyan arrested for enforcement of verdict

HRANA News Agency –  Anissa Fanaiyan, Bahai’e citizen, resides in Semnan arrested for the enforcement of verdict.

According to a report by Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), Today morning, Saturday 20th of January, Anissa Fanaiyan (Eyghani) the Bahai’e citizen and who resides in Semnan summoned, arrested and transferred to Semnan prison for enforcement of the verdict.

It has to be mention that Anissa Fanaiyan is the fourth Bahai’e mother from Semnan who is imprisoned while she has two kids. She has two 3 and 8 years old kids. Also Anissa Fadaiyan is imprisoning while her husband, Siamak Eyghani, is imprisoned since 2 years ago in Semnan prison.

Reminding that with transferring Anissa Fanaiyan to Semnan prison then the number of Bahai’e prisoners of Semnan reached to 14 prisoners, and their names are:

Taraneh Torabi – Zohreh Nik Aien – Shohreh A’zami – Zhinous Nourani – Roufia Beydaghi – Neda Majidi – Manizheh Nasrollahi (She is imprisoned in Evin prison) – Afshin Eyghani – Erfan Ehsani – Siamak Eyghani – Goudarz Beydaghi – Behfar Khanjani – Adel Fanaiyan and Pouya Tebyaniyan.

Translated by: Ramyar Hassani

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