Another Baha’i citizen was arrested in Shiraz

Posted on: 19th March, 2014
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  • Translator: Houman Niyazi
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Yekta Fahandezh

HRANA News Agency – Yekta Fahanedzh was arrested by Iranian intelligence agents.


According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), a Baha’i citizen was arrested by security guards Saturday evening of 16 March 2014. Intelligence agents entered her house for the second time by a decree from the State Attorney and after detecting her house they confiscated her books, laptop and personal belongings and arrested her.

Yekta Fahandezh was transferred to No. 100 detention center at 11:30 pm. Yekta’s husband and father went to detention center of Intelligence Ministry on Monday morning 17 March and met her.


Based on the reports Yekta has not been charged until now and is being kept in detention. In February 2012, Yekta was arrested and had been spent 83 days in No. 100 detention center, which is located in Sepah Street in Shiraz. She was released on bail of 100 million toman, after being released four court sessions were held and she was charged for “propaganda against the system”.

No. 100 detention center has 20 to 30 individual cells and 10 public rooms; it also has about 8 rooms which are well equipped for interrogation.