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Untold Stories of Nasirabad – Amin Raisi’s Mother’s and Wife’s Letter to Ban Ki-Moon

Posted on: 24th February, 2015
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HRANA News Agency – Amin Raisi along with 30 other men, from Nasir Abad village near Sarbaz city, was detained after the assassination of a member of Basij in the morning of 4th January this year and despite judge’s order to release him, he is still in detention of security forces.

The authorities, so far, have told a lot of contradictories about the mass arrests. The families of these people also consist on their innocence and emphasis that they are victims. Mother of this native Balooch, has written a letter, a copy of which has been provided to HRANA, with an emphasis on his son’s innocence, she has sought help from Human Rights organisations, particularly from UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights.

The full text of her letter is identically as follows:

To the all international human rights organizations and employees of human rights organizations, particularly Mr. Ban Ki-Moon and Mr. Ahmed Shaheed

On 4th January, intelligence agents raided our houses and in front of shocked children and defenseless women, rummaged and searched our houses, even inside our fridges and freezer, and finally after an hour of searching they found nothing, then they took the men of the houses.

Amin Raisi and his father were taken to the Ministry of Intelligence’s office in Ra’sk city then his father was released the day after, but we do not have any news about Amin Raisi.

When all the evidences, to prove his innocence, were provided to the court, judge of the case issued a warrant for his release, but Intelligence officers did not pay any attention to this order, then they were transferred to Zahedan and no longer they had contact with us and nor we were allowed to visit them.

General Rahim called them a “Terrorist Group” after an interview in TV, which was really strange for us, because on the day of the event in Nasir Abad, he was working in garage and all the people prove that, and if he had committed a crime, he would not sleep at his home safely and at least something should have been found at his home.

Also, they know that these people are not the ones who have committed a terrorist attack, but to placate public opinion and to present their power and to show how quick they could destroy a group, they continue this scenario to force these young innocent people confess to a dictated crime.

Therefor we request all the people who can be our oppressed voice to urge the international community to do their utmost effort in this regard.

Amin Raisi’s Mother and wife