Arzhang Davoodi sentenced to death by the revolutionary court

HRANA News Agency – Branch number one of revolutionary court of Karaj has sentenced Arzhang Davoodi, the political prisoner of central prison of Bandar Abbas to death.
According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), branch number one of revolutionary court of Karaj, with chief judge Ghazi Asef-Al-Hosseini sentenced Arzhang Davoodi to death. This sentence has been submitted to his attorney, Vahid Meshkani Farahani.
According to this verdict he has been sentenced to death on charge of advocacy, being member and performing activities in favor of progression of MEK’s objectives in prison.
Arzhang Davoodi had served his first 10 years in prison sentence however he was sentenced to another 20 years and 8 months imprisonment afterwards.
Prison authorities have told him that he will be transferred to a prison in Tehran province.
This sentence was issued in prime court and could be appealed.
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