Azerbaijani-Turk Activist Hamed Yeganeh Pour Detained in Tabriz

Azerbaijani-Turk activist Hamed Yeganeh Pour Arrested in Tabriz

On November 7, 2023, Azerbaijani-Turk activist Hamed Yeganeh Pour was apprehended by security forces in Tabriz and subsequently transported to the Ministry of Intelligence’s detention facility within the city.

Today, on November 8, Yeganeh Pour managed to contact his family, as relayed by a source close to them, revealing his detention at the Ministry of Intelligence’s facility. It’s crucial to note that Yeganeh Pour has a pre-existing heart condition, which makes any stressful situation a potential threat to his health.

At present, the specific reasons behind his arrest and the nature of the allegations against him remain undisclosed, raising concerns regarding his well-being and legal status.

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