Kindergartens Teaching Dance Will be Shut Down

Posted on: August 15th, 2011

HRANA News Agency – Ahmad Esfandiari, the head of Welfare Department, has said that kindergartens teaching children how to dance will lose their operating permits.

According to a report by Aftab News, Ahmad Esfandiari referred to some of the programs offered by kindergartens as “secular” and “immoral” and called a number of children’s programs aired on various television channels as “unacceptable.”

The head of Welfare Department added that his organization was seeking to implement religious teachings in kindergartens and would strive to be more active in promoting “Quranic preschools and mosques’ kindergartens.”


Mohammad Pooya, Another Victim of Child Abuse, Died

Posted on: July 22nd, 2011

HRANA News Agency – On Wednesday, July 20, 2011, Mohammad Pooya who was a victim of child abuse succumbed to his wounds and died in Tehran’s Bahrami Hospital.

According to a report by Jame Jam Newspaper, Mohammad Pooya’s family took him to the hospital claiming that their four year old son became unconscious after using crack cocaine.Hospital staff began their efforts to save Mohammad’s life right away until it became known that this child was the same victim who was brought to the hospital in mid March.During that visit, the family also claimed that their son had used crack cocaine, and after a few days at the hospital, Mohammad was released to his family’s custody by court order.

This time, however, the parents were arrested and interrogated to determine the facts.During the questioning, Mohammad’s parents blamed each other for the accident until his mother told the authorities that her husband was a drug addict who force-fed Mohammad crack cocaine in order to calm him down before the father could use drugs with his friends.

Because of the statements made by Mohammad’s mother, both parents were locked up behind bars, and Mohammad’s body was transferred to the coroner’s office for further investigations.

Since last month, Mohammad Pooya is the third victim of child abuse who has died.Two other children, Barbad and Parsa, died earlier.


The Third Victim of Child Abuse in a Month

Posted on: May 21st, 2011

HRANA News Agency – While the horrific news of two child abuse cases in a month are still fresh in the minds of general public and not yet forgotten, a three-year old boy has become another victim of domestic problems between his parents.  The eight-year old Haniyeh and the four-year old Nima were the other two victims earlier this month.


ISNA News Agency has reported that this time, another mother is howling over the burned body of her three-year old son who isn’t likely to survive according to the attending nurses because 70% of his body is burned.  The child’s father has confessed to the crime, and it is believed that he set Barbad on fire to threaten and force his wife to continue living with him.  However, the role and effects of narcotics such as crystal meth in this incident must not be overlooked.


After visiting Barbad in the hospital, Shirin Sadr Nori, a social activist with the Society for Protecting the Rights of the Child, talked about the incident and said, “Barbad’s father who is addicted to crystal meth has been suspicious of his wife for a while.  Problems between two parents escalated to the degree that Barbad’s mother, Mina, decided to leave her husband and moved to her father’s house.  According to Mina, her husband threatened to harm Barbad when he contacted her several times to ask her to return.  Before the incident, Barbad’s father contacted one of his neighbors and was willing to return Barbad to his mother for $5.00.  Mina made the arrangements for this exchange through the neighbor and took custody of the child.”


Referring to the father’s drug addiction and abnormal psychological condition, Shirin Sadr Nori added, “Barbad’s father went to Mina’s house while there was no one except Barbad’s grandmother home.  By resorting to force and threats, the father took Barbad from the grandmother and put the child in a room.  The father then set Barbad on fire by first pouring gasoline over his entire body.  When Barbad’s grandmother heard the child’s cries and screams she went to the room and came face to face with her grandson’s body consumed in flames.”


Pointing out that the father is currently hospitalized in Shahid Madani Hospital because 50% of his body is also burned, Shirin Sadr Nori further explained, “According to the garandmother, the father, Mohammad, then embraced his child in an attempt to comfort Barbad when the child began to cry.  For this reason, the father also caught on fire and as a result was injured.”


Shirin Sadr Nori believes that the father didn’t intent to burn himself and only was injured because he attempted to embrace Barbad.  Finally, the neighbors called the police and together with the grandmother’s efforts, the child was transferred to Shahid Madani Hospital in the city of Karaj.


Referring to the father’s drug addition, Shirin Sadr Nori added, “Barbad’s aunt and mother have confirmed that the father is addicted to crystal meth.  I am certain that this addiction has played a role to bring about what occurred.  Barbad’s mother intends to seek legal help from the Society for Protecting the Rights of the Child and will retain an attorney through this organization.”


Shirin Sadr Nori has also reported that Barbad is in critical condition.  His skin has been burned entirely such that it is not possible to attach an IV to his body.  Additionally, since his lips have been burned, liquid containing nourishment and medicine is given to him through his nose cavity.


Barbad is the third victim of child abuse in the recent weeks.  According to the experts, addiction to narcotics and not knowing how to deal with children are two main reasons for which parents abuse and harm their children.


A Father May Kill His Child Without Facing Retribution

Posted on: May 20th, 2011

HRANA News Agency – Dr. Mostafa Eghlima, the head of Academic Association of Social Workers in Iran, has announced, “The second abused child whose case captured the attention of the public in the last few days was transferred from Mofid Hospital to Amina Nursery.  After a two-day stay at this facility, the child was released to his father in compliance with the judge’s order.”


In an interview with Dadna News Agency, Dr. Mostafa Eghlima added, “It is true that according to the law, a father can take the custody of his child at any time with a court order.  By law, even if a father kills his child, he faces no retribution.  However, the law also requires a father’s mental and psychological health to be confirmed by the Medical Examiner before placing the child in his custody.  At first, all the factors which have brought about child abuse must be identified and resolved, and the only group that is qualified to do so is the Welfare Organization.”


The head of Academic Association of Social Workers in Iran said, “Has the Medical Examiner confirmed the parents’ psychological and ethical competence before the judge’s order was issued?  Were the documents certifying the parents’ mental and emotional health ready?”


Dr. Mostafa Eghlima continued, “No help was given to this child.  There is always the possibility that after returning home, the child will face more punishment for reporting her parent’s abuse and causing problems for them.”


Pointing out that in the last month, child abuse cases have increased, Dr. Mostafa Eghlima added, “These are only the cases that social workers have stumbled upon accidently.  Otherwise, there are dozens of other cases that we fail to notice.”


Criticizing the emergency division of State Welfare Organization, Dr. Mostafa Eghlima said, “What is the use for establishing the phone center to report child abuse?  When a child contacts the center to report that his father has beaten him, but less than one week, the child is returned to the same father, we haven’t solved this child’s problem.  Instead, we have added to it.”


Dr. Mostafa Eghlima explained, “If the State Welfare Organization had supported Haniyeh Zamani’s mother, perhaps, she wouldn’t have to marry a drug addict because of poverty, and today, this child would have another life and future ahead of her.”


Dr. Mostafa Eghlima pointed out, “Right now, the government has the custody of abused children and plays the role of a father.  The cost to support a child isn’t $30.00 per month but amounts to $400.00 per month.  How come the government can pay more than $600.00 every month to lock up a thief in jail but can’t afford paying the expenses to take care of these kids?”


At the end, Dr. Mostafa Eghlima added, “If we continue on this path and don’t address these issues, social problems increase every day.  We know only about these three cases of child abuse because they have been reported by the media.  There are tens of other cases in the community without being identified.”


An Eight Year Old Girl Severely Tortured by Her Stepfather

Posted on: April 19th, 2011


HRANA News Agency – An eight year old girl is now in the hospital as a result of atrocious abuse and torture at the hands of her stepfather.


Dr. Kamran Aghakhani, forensic expert at Rasool Hospital, announced the news and in an interview with Mehr News Agency said, “This eight year old girl was transferred by the emergency division of State Welfare Organization to the burn and reconstruction unit of Motahari Hospital last night.”


Mentioning that he is also the expert in Motahari Hospital, Dr. Kamran Aghakhani further explained, “Unfortunately, due to multiple fractures in both head and arms, we were forced to transfer her to Motahari Hospital.”


In describing the status of this 8 year old girl, Dr. Kamran Aghakhani said, “We witness child abuse a lot, but her condition is not comparable to others.  The degree with which she has been abused and tortured is beyond words.”


Referring to two fractures in her head and forearm, the forensic expert added, “There were visible signs of flogging and cigarette burns all over her body such that there wasn’t a spot left unharmed.  She told us that she lived with her mother who is a drug addict and her stepfather, and she wasn’t feed anything for four days.”


Emphasizing the importance of disseminating the news of such tragic and painful abuse, Dr. Kamran Aghakhani said, “I ask the media to react to such child abuse and also request from the authorities to deal with the offenders severely.”


Referring to two fractures in her head and forearm, Dr. Kamran Aghakhani explained that in order to heal her burns and fractures, she was examined thoroughly, and x-ray images were taken.  He added, “The situation is so tragic that no one can believe what has happened, and you can’t say the person who has abused her has any human traits.”


This girl who lives in the south part of Tehran has been transferred by the emergency division of State Welfare Organization to the hospital.



Catastrophic Situation of Working Street Children

Posted on: July 23rd, 2010

HRANA- Investigative research done at Beheshti University on Iran’s street children shows that these children suffer from a multitude of physical and mental health problems.These children often have very poor reading and writing skills, communication skills, and are underdeveloped emotionally.


Two Children Raped and One Murdered in One Month

Posted on: June 2nd, 2010

HRANA – The social work unit of the Children’s Rights Agency issued a report regarding the child abuses cases it has investigated between April 21 and May 22, 2010 (dates correspond to the second month of the year 1389 of the Persian calendar).