Three Hanged in Public; One Hanged in Yazd Prison

Posted on: May 14th, 2011

HRANA News Agency – On the morning of May 12, 2011, four individuals were hanged in the city of Yazd, [the capital of Yazd Province].


Yazd Province’s judiciary public relations announced that on Thursday, May 12, 2011, three execution sentences were carried out in public in front of Yazd’s central prison, and another person was hanged inside the same prison in the presence of judicial officials.


According to this announcement, the four individuals were arrested in 2009 and 2010 in Meybod, Tabas and Yazd counties on charges of rape and were sentenced to death by Yazd Province’s criminal court.


Meanwhile, no independent sources have confirmed the charges against these individuals whose identities remain unknown.  It has been said that the rulings were confirmed by the Supreme Court, and their appeals were rejected by Yazd Province’s Pardon and Amnesty Commission.  The head of judiciary ultimately confirmed the sentences.

Four Individuals Hanged in Kerman

Posted on: May 13th, 2011

HRANA News Agency – On Thursday, May 12, 2011, four citizens were hanged in prison in the city of Kerman [Kerman Province].  The Judiciary officials in Kerman Province have released the identity of the prisoners to be “A. A,” “N. B,” “N. D” and “A. B.”


These four individuals were charged with trafficking heroin and crack and carrying 20 thousand vials of Norgesic syringes and were subsequently sentenced to death by the Revolutionary court in Kerman.  Reports indicate that requests to pardon or reduced their sentences were rejected by the authorities.


Three Prisoners Hanged in Miandoab

Posted on: May 10th, 2011

HRANA News Agency – This morning, Tuesday May 10, 2011, three citizens were handed in Miandoab Prison, [West Azerbaijan Province].


Miandoab’s judiciary chief, Mostafa Habibi, in an interview with IRNA confirmed the execution of three prisoners and said, “One of these individuals was from Miandoab and the other two from Urmia County [West Azerbaijan Province].  They were arrested in Miandoab and sent to prison there.”


Mostafa Habibi added, “These individuals were hanged after the death sentences were issued by Miandoab’s judiciary and the ruling was upheld by the Supreme Court.”


These three prisoners were charged with drug trafficking although the charges have not been verified by an independent source.


Yesterday, five other prisoners were executed in the central prison in Urmia County [West Azerbaijan Province].  According to reporters of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), Aref Rashidpur from the village of Mavaneh and Esfandiar Manda from the village of Haghi in Urmia County [West Azerbaijan Province] were two of the prisoners who were hanged.

The Coordinating Committee to Commemorate Farzad Kamangar

Posted on: May 3rd, 2011

HRANA News Agency – The Campaign to Save Farzad Kamangar was initially formed as a collaborating effort amongst the Human Rights Activists in Iran, his family and his attorney.  For a few years, this Campaign served as the coordinating body to organize protests and efforts to save the life of an erudite teacher.  After Farzad’s unjust execution, the Campaign was redefined and transformed into a memorial tribute to his everlasting legacy.

Now, at the onset of the first anniversary of an execution that ended the life of a righteous teacher, a group consisting of Farzad Kamangar’s family members and human rights activists and organizations has assumed the responsibility to bring together programs planned for this day.

Everyone wishing to collaborate with and contribute to this Campaign may contact us by sending an email to [email protected] or visit the web site dedicated to Farzad Kamangar’s legacy at

Biography of Habibullah Latifi, from birth to death sentence

Posted on: December 26th, 2010

HRANA News Agency- The following is a brief biography and summery of Habibullah Latifi’s case; Habib Latifi is a political prisoner sentenced to death and held in Sanandaj prison. His brief biography told by his relatives and edited by Kurdistan Committee for Human Rights Activists in Iran this brief provided to inform the general public of his case.


Imprisoned Bazaar Merchant Javad Lari Sentenced to Death and Mohsen Dokmechi Sentenced to Ten Years in Prison

Posted on: August 5th, 2010

HRANA- Poltical prisoner Javad Lari, 55, was sentenced to death by Judge Salavati of the 15th Branch of Tehran’s Revolutionary Court on charges of being a “mohareb” or waging war against God and “corruption on earth”.

According to the Committee of Human Rights Reporters in Iran, this political prisoner was first charged with “acting against the security of the nation”.  A charge later changed by the judge to “mohareb” and sentenced to death without the possibility of amnesty.


Three People Executed in Khouzestan

Posted on: August 3rd, 2010

HRANA- Three people were executed by hanging this morning in the province of Khouzestan under the pretext of “drug trafficking”.

HRANA has learned that two of the individuals were executed in the town of Dezful and one individual was executed in the town of Behbahan.

The two individuals from Dezful were sentenced by the provincial court in Khouzestan and their sentence was reaffirmed by the revolutionary court in the province. Their sentence was carried out in Dezful Prison. The third individual from Behbahan was first sentenced in the revolutionary court located in Mahshahr and his sentence was later reaffirmed by Iran’s Supreme Court.


Jafar Kazemi’s Death Sentence Confirmed

Posted on: July 29th, 2010

HRANA- An appeals court has upheld the death sentence handed down to Jafar Kazemi. His sentence was confirmed by the 36th Branch of the court of appeals presided over by Hojatoleslam Zargari.

His lawyer Ms. Ghanavi told a human rights website that her client has spent long periods of time in solitary confinement.

Jafar Kazemi, a lithograph for textbooks and pamphlets for Amir Kabir University was arrested on September 18, 2009 in Haft e Tir Square and transferred to the solitary ward in section 209 for seventy four days before being transferred to ward 350 of Evin Prison. Prior to this he had been imprisoned between1981 and 1989.


Twenty People Executed over the Last Month

Posted on: July 19th, 2010

HRANA- Three prisoners from the city of Kerman’s central prison and one prisoner from Shirvan in the Khorassan province were executed yesterday.

HRANA has learned that the three men executed in Kerman were accused of trafficking narcotics and that the prisoner from Shirvan was accused of transportation and possession of narcotics.


Four Executed in Esfahan Prison

Posted on: July 7th, 2010

HRANA- Four people were executed by hanging in Esfahan’s central prison on Tuesday morning.

According to the Esfahan province’s justice department these four individuals were charged and sentenced to death for “drug trafficking”. No further information, including the names of the individuals is known at this time.