Mansour Osanloo Taken to Karaj’s Revolutionary Court

Posted on: July 3rd, 2010

HRANA – Founder of the Syndicate Workers of Tehran and Suburbs Bus Company, Mansour Osanloo, was summoned to the fifth branch of Karaj’s revolutionary court.
Circumstances surrounding Mr. Osanloo’s court appearance last Wednesday are not clear at this time.  However, in recent weeks  Mr. Osanloo was accused of “contact with groups working against the government” resulting in his transfer to the solitary ward of Karaj’s Rajae Shahr Prison.

Radio Farda reports that after the arrest of Mansour Osanloo in July 2007, the court charged him with working against the security of the nation and he was sentenced to five years in prison.
Additionally, it is reported that Reza Shahabi [member of the Syndicate Workers of Tehran and Suburbs Bus Company] who was arrested on June 12, 2010, was able to contact his family in a brief telephone call.
There is still no word on the fate of Saeed Torabian, member of the worker’s syndicate board of directors who was arrested on June 9, 2010.


Two Years Prison Term for Labor Activist Khosrow Bukani

Posted on: July 1st, 2010

HRANA – Khosrow Bukani, labor activist and executive for the Coordinating Committee for the Establishment of Labor Organizations, was sentenced to a two year prison term.

He was notified of his sentence by the revolutionary court in Orumieh this June. He was sentenced to two years in prison based on unsubstantiated charges and for his membership in the labor committee.


Strike by Javeh Dam Workers in Sanadaj

Posted on: June 19th, 2010

HRANA- As of Saturday June 19, 2010, dozens of workers building the Javeh repository dam in Sanandaj have gone on strike.
HRANA reporters have been informed that the workers are protesting months of unpaid wages. Officials state that the purpose for the construction of the damn [which began in April 2009] is to provide water to the surrounding plains and land used for agriculture.


Two Members of the Iranian Teachers’ Union Arrested in Yazd

Posted on: May 29th, 2010

HRANA –The arrests of union activists continue with the arrests of Mohammad Ali Shirazi and Mohammad Ali Shahedi, two members of the Board of Directors of the Teachers’ Union in Yazd.


Azerbaijani Teacher Mohammad Farajian Arrested

Posted on: May 21st, 2010

HRANA – On Wednesday, May 19, 2010, Mohammad Farajian, an Azerbaijani activist and elementary school teacher in Pars Abad, Moghan, was arrested after being summoned by the Pars Abad (Moghan) Intelligence Office.

According to those close to Farajian, on Wednesday, Pars Abad (Moghan)’s Department of Education and Training asked this teacher to visit the city’s Intelligence Office in order to answer questions from the news arm of the Intelligence Office. Security agents arrested Mr. Farajian upon his arrival at the Intelligence Office.

According to Savalan Sassy, on Tuesday May 18, 2010, agents of the Intelligence Ministry summoned this Azerbaijani teacher to the Intelligence Office in Moghan over the telephone, but Mr. Farajian denounced the summons as illegal and refused to appear at the Intelligence Office.

The arrest of this Azerbaijan’s teacher comes after the arrests of two Azerbaijani journalists, Ramin Jabbari and Mostafa Jamshidi as well as Hafez Sardarpoor, Nader Azizi, Mahnaz Karimi and Mehdi Zeynali over the past few days. From these detainees, Mostafa Jamshidi and Mahnaz Karimi were released after one day of detention and the rest have been transferred to the Intelligence Office in Ardebil.