Transfer of four political prisoners to solitary confinement in order to efface torture marks

HRANA – Four  Oroomiyeh  citizens who  have been  detained by intelligence forces  since  eight  months ago,  are in pending situation and their relatives are concerned about their condition.
According to HRANA reporters,  eight  months  ago Kamel Shablooie, Bashir Chartaagh,   and  Behrooz Aalkhani  from Salmas  and  Akbar Akbarloo  from Khoy city,  were detained  and were charged with “Activities Against the National Security”.

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Hamed Rouhinejad Exiled to Zanjan Prison While in Poor Physical Condition

HRANA- Hamed Rouhinejad was exiled from Evin Prison to Zanjan Prison last night.
HRANA has learned that this ruling was implemented under the cover of night by officials without the notification of his family or attorney.
Accused of membership in an anti-government organization, Hamed Rouhinejad a student majoring in philosophy, has been in prison since April 2009. He was sentenced to death in the post election group show trials. His sentence was later changed to ten years in prison and exile to Zanjan Prison.

Although Hamed Rouhinejad suffers from multiple sclerosis he has been denied even one day of medical leave. A lack of proper medical attention has resulted in parts of his body becoming paralyzed.

His exile comes at a time where he requires special medical attention by specialists in a hospital facility outside prison. Although Evin Prison is equipped with better medical facilities than other prisons in the country, Hamed Rouhinejad’s condition has been deteriorating day by day. He has lost much of his eyesight and one of his hands has become completely paralyzed.
It is important to note that repeated requests by this political prisoner’s family for medical leave have gone unanswered. Hamed Rouhinejad’s father has been faced with insults and humiliation when meeting with officials regarding this matter.

Ahmad Karimi Exiled to Gonbad-e-Kavoos Prison

HRANA- Simultaneous with the exile of political prisoner Hamed Rouhinejad, Ahmad Karimi imprisoned in ward 350 of Evin Prison, was transferred out of Evin Prison last night for exiled to Gonbad-e-Kavoos Prison.

HRANA has learned that the ruling has been implemented without the notification of the political prisoner’s family or attorney. Ahmad Karimi was transferred to the courthouse last night and was being transferred to Gonbad-e-Kavoos Prison as of 7:30 this morning to continue his prison term in exile.

In an interview with a HRANA reporter, an official from Human Rights Activist in Iran stated that Gonbad-e-Kavoos Prison is meant for those with murder or drug charges and not for political prisoners.

Ahmad Karimi was detained before the June 2009 election on charges of membership in an anti-government organization.However, he was tried during the post election group show trials where he was sentenced to death.His sentence was later changed to fifteen years in prison and exile to Gonbad-e-Kavoos Prison.

Although there have been repeated requests made of officials and Tehran’s prosecutor general, Ahmad Karimi’s family has been denied the right to visit him for months.His exile will make family visits even more difficult.

Mokhtar Assadi and Mahmoud Bagheri Continue to be Denied Visitation Rights

HRANA- Although two months have passed since the arrest of teacher’s union members Mokhtar Assadi and Mahmoud Bagheri, they continue to be denied visitation rights.

HRANA has learned that officials are not responding to inquiries made by their families regarding the restrictions in place or their charges.The two union activists have been allowed only three or four very brief phone calls to their families since their arrest and transfer to ward 209 of Evin Prison.

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Abolfazl Abedini Movement Restricted in Prison

HRANA- On Tuesday August 17, 2010 Abolfazl Abedini Nasr, journalist and a former official of Human Rights Activists in Iran, was banned from any movement outside of his ward in Karoon Prison until further notice.

According to HRANA reporters, the order handed down by the warden of Karoon Ahvaz Prison creates difficult conditions for Abolfazl Abedini because he must to go to the prison clinic every three days to pick up his needed medication.

From the day of his arrival to Karoon Ahvaz Prison, Mr. Abedini has been faced with a series of pressures including the denial of visitation rights, telephone access, and restrictions on his movement.

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Majid Tavakoli Transferred to Rajai Shahr Prison in Karaj

HRANA- Prominent student activist Majid Tavakoli has been transferred from ward 240 of Evin Prison to Rajai Shahr Prison in Karaj.

Ali Tavakoli has informed HRANA that he has not been able to establish any communication with his brother. However, a prisoner from Rajai Shahr has seen Majid Tavakoli as he was being transferred.

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Abolfazl Abedini Denied Access to Karoon Prison Clinic

HRANA- Karoon Prison officials prevented Abolfazl Abedini Nasr from entering the prison clinic yesterday.

HRANA has learned that Abolfazl Abedini was prevented from leaving his ward as he attempted to get his heart medication from the prison clinic. Abolfazl Abedini, who suffers from a serious heart condition, was prevented from leaving ward 6 of Karoon Ahvaz Prison by the guards.

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Evin Political Prisoners End Hunger Strike

HRANA- The political prisoners from ward 350 of Evin Prison who were on hunger strike protesting inhumane treatment by prison guards have ended their hunger strike after sixteen days.

Websites close to the reformists report that the seventeen political prisoners spent sixteen days on hunger strike and in solitary confinement. Their strike began on July 26th in protest to the inhuman treatment and conditions in the prison.

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17 Year Old Tortured at Hands of Revolutionary Guard Intelligence Division

HRANA- Revolutionary Guard intelligence tortured seventeen year old Ali Niknam after his arrest on November 2, 2009.

Ali Niknam protested the election results last year and was arrested by Revolutionary Guard intelligence for the possession of anti-government leaflets and literature. Ali Niknam tells HRANA about his arrest and torture at the hands of the Revolutionary Guard: “On the afternoon of November 2, 2009 while in possession of leaflets calling for protests on November 15, 2010, my friend asked that we go distribute the leaflets. We then left home located on Takht e Tavoos Street…He then took the leaflets from me and walked up the block. When we got to the end of the block he passed me the leaflets with the excuse that he had to tie his shoes. Immediately Revolutionary Guard intelligence personnel, who had apparently orchestrated this with the help of my so-called friend, arrested me and took to me to a base located around Helal Ahmar Square (although I found out later that this is where I was taken). On the way they repeatedly shocked me with electricity, severely beat me and verbally abused me. Once at the location they physically and psychologically tortured me further.”

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Father of Political Prisoner on Hunger Strike Detained

HRANA- The father of one of the seventeen political prisoners from ward 350 of Evin Prison on hunger strike has been detained. Ali Parviz’s father was arrested this morning.

Kalame reports, that Ali Parviz’s father was detained at the judiciary where he was delivering a letter on behalf of the families of the political prisoners on hunger strike.

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