A Citizen of Afghanistan Died in the Iranian Refugee Camp

HRANA News Agency – An Afghan citizen died as the result of lack of oxygen and heart attack in Sefid Sang of Fariman, refugee camp.
According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), Seyed Gholam Haidar Hossaini, 55, citizen of Afghanistan, died in Sefid Sang of Fariman, refugee camp in Khorasan Razavi province, as a result of heart attack, caused by lack of oxygen in closed area of the camp, and delay in taking him to the hospital.
Seyed Ahmad Hossaini, his son, confirmed this news in an interview with HRANA and publicized new details regarding the events resulted to his father’s death.
When we asked him how they ended up in Sefid Sang camp, he said, “last Wednesday we were transferred to Hassan Abad in Shandiz. We reunited there with our father. He had been going to work that he was transferred there. They checked our documents. We had our labor card but our health card was for the previous year and we did not have this year’s card. However, we have deposited the fees. The system was off when we reach that centre. Then they told us to go to Sefid Sang camp in Fariman”.
Ahmad Hossaini described the condition of Sefid Sang camp and the events resulted in his father’s death, “we were taken to a hall, in which 2500 people were sleeping each night. People with documents and without documents, both were there. On Friday after 2:30 pm our father’s condition became worse and he wanted us to take him out of there. The doors were closed and the authorities opened the door very late. So that we hit the windows with stone that its shatter and grab to draw their attention. Then they took my brother inside and beat him. Finally they took our father and sent us back to the hall”.
“On Sunday morning we went to the head of the camp and we were informed that this incident happened and our father has died”. He continued
“In a meeting with the head of the camp, they told us, ‘you have to give consent that we release you. If you complain, we will keep you.’ We have two ill persons in our family and my mother and my grandmother are sick, while we were stuck there. We thought if our father’s body would be taken to home in this condition, they will die too. So, under pressure we signed the consent and took the body from hospital”.
Ahmad Hossaini confirmed that the reason of death was a heart attack as the consequence of lack of oxygen, and stated about the other problems that they are experiencing now and after his father death, “our documents were in our father’s dress, but after the body was delivered, no dress was given to us. We asked from the camp, but they say they did not know about the dresses. Could it be possible to taken him to the hospital naked? We are desperate and we do not know how to take back our documents”.
In response to a question that what kind of documents were in the dress, he said, “health card of my brother was in the wallet of our father and now again our documents are not complete and also we cannot update our documents. There is no answer and when we ask them that when we go to update our documents, what should we do, they do not give any clear answer”.
At the end Ahmad Hossaini said, “the hospital and Sang Sefid camp both told us not to contact them again and Afghanistan’s embassy in Iran and UNHCR told they will follow up the case.”
Need to be mentioned, the behavior of officials in charge of legal and illegal Afghan refugees and immigrants in Iran have been always controversial and criticized by the human rights organizations.

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