Citizen Executed in Esfarayen City on Charge of Murder

The death sentence of a prisoner who had previously been sentenced to death for murder was recently carried out in Esfarayen City.

According to HRANA, the news agency of Human Rights Activists, quoting ISNA, the prisoner had been sentenced to flogging and imprisonment in addition to the death sentence.

Regarding this case, Nader Nejad Aghdash, the Public Prosecutor of Esfarayen said, “After receiving the news of the disappearance of a 31-year-old woman in March 2018, a judicial case was filed and after a few days, the accused in this case was identified and arrested. The defendant confessed to the crime after his arrest”

Nejad Aghdash added, “Based on the available evidence, the most likely motive behind murder was the theft of the victim’s gold and jewelry. More so, after committing the crime, the accused mutilated and burned the body in order to get rid of the evidence.”

“After completing the various stages of the trial,” Nejad Aghdash added, “according to the lawsuit issued by the First Branch of the Criminal Court of North Khorasan Province, the accused was sentenced to death. He was also sentenced to 10 years in prison and 74 lashes for aggravated robbery, and 74 lashes for cutting off both legs and burning a corpse. ”

The initial verdict was upheld in Branch 13 of the Supreme Court and the death sentence was carried out.

Iran ranks first in the world in citizen executions per capita, according to international organizations. The Statistics and Publication Center of the Human Rights Activists in Iran (HRA) reported that between January 1 and December 20 of 2020, at least 236 citizens were executed.

One of these citizens was executed publicly, and two were juvenile offenders. An additional 95 citizens were sentenced to death.

According to the same report, more than 72% of executions in Iran are not reported by the government or the judiciary, which human rights organizations call “secret” executions.

The report does not mention the identity of the prisoner or the exact location and date of the execution.

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