Danial Estakhr Released from Shiraz Prison

Posted on: 1st September, 2017
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  • Danial Estakhr Released from Shiraz Prison
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Danial Estakhr

HRANA News Agency – Danial Estakhr, a lawyer who had been arrested and taken to the prison of Shiraz, on charge of insulting the leader, was charged in another case, and his detention continued. Eventually, he was released from prison in the presence of a number of lawyers at Marvdasht court, depositing the requested bail amount.

According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency in Iran (HRANA), Danial Estakhr, an expert lawyer in Shiraz, was arrested on May 30, 2017, and was transferred to Shiraz prison, while he had to be released on a bail of 500 million IRR for alleged insulting the leadership, in another case, he was accused of “Abuse of power”.

A source close to Mr. Estakhr told HRANA’s reporter: “Apparently, it’s alleged that Mr. Estakhr has abused his power regarding one of his clients, who was accused of bribery, though ultimately exonerated from the charge. The case of “Abuse of power” against Mr. Estakhr was opened while this lawyer was arrested for insulting the leadership in connection with one of his writings.”

The source continued: “A bail of 500 million IRR was issued to him, which was deposited and the bail sheet was signed by Mr. Tarvatroo, a lawyer from the Lawyers Association of the Fars province, and then the release order was handed to Maa’li Abad prison, in Shiraz. Danial Estakhr was transferred to prosecutor’s office in Shiraz, while he should have been released on the bail, and then another bail of 200 million IRR was issued for another case.”

Mr. Estakhr’s new case which had been returned to Marvdasht was chased by his colleagues at the Marvdasht court.

The bail amount for this case which had been announced earlier by the prosecutor’s office, was 200 million IRR but with the prosecutor’s request, it was increased to 700 million IRR, however the collateral was provided by Mr. Estakhr’s lawyer colleagues.

Eventually, Danial Estakhr was released from Shiraz Prison.