Esmail Barzgari transferred to solitary confinement once more

HRANA News Agency – Esmail Barzgari was transferred to solitary confinement in ward 240 for the second time in past 10 days in day 43 of his hunger strike.
According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), Esmail Barzgari- political prisoner of ward 350 of Evin prison – who has been on hunger strike for 43 days was sent to solitary confinement for the second time during past 10 days.
Previously, prison officials transferred him to solitary confinement as a punishment for continuing hunger strike which led to being back to general ward after some negotiations between him and officials in which he agreed to put a halt on his hunger strike after promises by officials to address his demands, but no changes in situation made him to resume his hunger strike and again he was sent to solitary confinement.
However, more than 40 political prisoners in ward 350 have warned judicial officials about his health status.
According to Barzgari’s cellmates, he has been in horrible mental and physical situation last night and being sent to solitary confinement has made them seriously worried about him.
Esmail Barzgari- the Azeri dentist and musician- who is sentenced to 7 years imprisonment, is on hunger strike since last October in protest to unjust adjudication and also deprivation of temporary sick leave.

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