Execution of Five Inmates in Marand

Execution of Five Inmates in Marand

On August 9, 2023, five inmates, convicted of rape, were executed in Marand, East Azerbaijan province, as reported by Fars News agency.

The Revolutionary and Public Prosecutor of Marand County conveyed that following a thorough legal process, these five individuals who had committed an act of abduction and assault were executed today. The incident had originally been reported on May 21, 2022, when a “woman, accompanied by social emergency personnel, approached the prosecutor’s office in Marand County. She recounted her harrowing experience of being abducted by five unidentified individuals, subsequently taken to the surrounding mountains and subjected to an assault by all five of them.” The individuals were arrested four days later and were subsequently sentenced to death.

As per the report, the identities of the executed inmates have not been disclosed.

In 2022, the Department of Statistics and Publication of Human Rights Activists in Iran registered 457 reports related to the death penalty. This included 92 death sentences, including the conviction of 6 people to public execution and 565 execution sentences were carried out, 2 of which have been carried out in public. Based on the announced identifications of some of the executed individuals, 501 were male and 11 were female. In addition, 5 juvenile offenders were executed in 2022, meaning they were under the age of 18 at the time they committed the crime.

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