Five Azerbaijani (Turk) Activists Arrested in Tabriz

Five Azerbaijani (Turk) Activists Arrested in Tabriz

Security forces in Tabriz arrested five Azerbaijani (Turk) activists on May 18, 2023. The individuals arrested are Davoud Shiri (Derakhshan), Hamzeh Valizadeh, Ruhollah Ahmadinejad, Javad Ahmadzadeh, and Alireza Sabri. They were taken to an undisclosed location following their arrest.

During the operation, the agents conducted searches in their residences and seized some of their personal belongings.

Davoud Shiri had a court session in April 2023 to address the charges against him. It’s worth noting that all these individuals have a history of previous arrests and convictions related to their activism.

At present, the location of their detention and the specific allegations against them remain unknown.

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