Habib Sasanian Released on the Bail

HRANA News Agency – Habib Sasanian, prisoner of Ward 12 of Tabriz Central Prison, was released on the bail.
According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency in Iran (HRANA), Habib Sasanian, prisoner of Ward 12 of Tabriz Central Prison, was released on the bail, on Monday, August 28, 2017.
An informed source in this regard told HRANA: “Habib Sasanian, a poet from Ardabil who had been on hunger strike, broke his strike two weeks ago after meeting his demands. At the same time, his ten-billion IRR bail was brought down to 3500 million IRR. His family provided the bail so Habib was released. Finally, Habib was temporarily released after 16 months of limbo.”
Mr Sasanian had gone on hunger strike to protest at the process of his case and the amount of the issued bail.
The hearing of the six defendants of the case of “Gamu Group” was held in the Branch 3 of the Revolutionary Court of Tabriz without The presence of Habib Sasanian, on July 17.
A source close to the Sasanian family had previously said to HRANA: “Habib Sasanian is married and has two children. The situation of the family in the absence of the father was disrupted, and also problems such as financial problems have occurred to them, this is a family of tenants, and it is difficult for them to pay for traveling to the prison to visit him.”
The prisoner was arrested along with five others, Mehdi Javadzadeh, Hamid Saghafi, Babak Awand, Esma’il Afkhami and Younes Rahimi in Ardebil on May 15, 2016. The charges against this political prisoner were “the formation of the Gamu Group, the leadership and guidance of the Gamu Group, membership in the Gamu Group, spying for foreign countries, copying of confidential information from the Revolutionary Guards, sending confidential information from the Revolutionary Guards to foreign countries”.

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