Hamideh Zeraei Re-Arrested by Security Forces

Hamideh Zeraie Arrested Again by Security Forces

HRANA, Human Rights Activists News Agency- On May 29, 2023, Hamideh Zeraei was once again apprehended by security forces at her residence in Karaj and transported to an undisclosed location. Zeraei had previously been arrested during the 2022 nationwide protests.

An informed source, speaking to HRANA, revealed that Zeraei had gone to reclaim her seized vehicle, which had been confiscated by IRGC intelligence during her prior arrest. In a call to her family, she expressed concerns about the possibility of being re-arrested by the IRGC intelligence unit.

The grounds for her arrest, her current location, and the specific charges against her remain unknown. Notably, on May 3, 2023, Zeraei had received a summons to appear at the Karaj courthouse on charges related to “propaganda for anti-regime groups.”

Zeraie, who was previously detained amidst the 2022 nationwide protests, had been released on February 7, 2024. It was widely assumed that she, along with numerous other imprisoned protestors, had been granted amnesty under the “pardon and commutation” directive. However, the recent summons she received indicates a different course of events, contradicting initial assumptions.

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