Illegal Detention of Village Council Member Led to Protests

HRANA News Agency – Illegal detention of a member of the council of Farsi village in Hormozgan province led to the gathering and protests by people. In the wake of the protests and by the intervention of the security council authorities, the detainee was released and was welcomed by the people.
According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency in Iran (HRANA), on June 25, “Khaled Ghanem” academic and member of Farsi village council was arrested by the Police at his house and by use of violence and tear gas, and was moved to an unknown location.
After the news spread, the protesters gathered to protest to his arrest and especially arresting him by violence and injuring his family members.
A number of judicial officials and security authorities of the city considered the arrest as illegal by the presence of the protesters in contact with Deputy Minister of the Interior, the detention was known to be illegal and accordingly Mr. Ghanem was be released hours later.
He was widely welcomed by people.
It is worth mentioning the incorporation of five villages in the province of Hormozgan such as Farsi village to Fars province had led to numerous tensions in the region.
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