Indifference of prison authorities to prisoners’ on-going hunger strike

HRANA News Agency – Even 16 days after the hunger strike of 28 Political Prisoners at Urmieh Central Prison (Darya) and concerning health condition of some strikers, the prison authorities are committed to ignore their demands.
According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), since 20 November 2014, 29 Political Prisoners incarcerated at Ward 12 of Urmieh Central Prison have started an indefinite hunger strike in protest at the neglect of Separation of Crimes and other issues with their union. During the 9th day of their hunger strike “Mansour Around” a death row prisoner was suddenly exiled to Mahabad Prison.
16 days from the start of indefinite hunger strike of incarcerated political prisoners at  Urmieh Central Prison is elapsed while as well as indifference by the authorities towards prisoners demands, they have been threatened to be punished in various ways if they continue their strike such as bringing another 100 prisoners to ward 12, transfer of Political Prisoners to the Narcotics Ward or exiling them to distant cities.
It is also important to mention that prisoners were reminded that if they do not break their hunger strike, their execution process will be expedited.
In recent days, 20 ordinary prisoners who have been transferred to Ward 12 Urmieh Prison before, following the hunger strike of Political Prisoners, wrote a request to be transferred to the wards designated to their crimes (murder, drugs) but their request is also let down and was not agreed to  by the  prison authorities.
It is important to note that Ali Afshari, Jafar Afshari, Vali Afshari, Habib Afshari, Mansour Arvand, Kayhan Darvishi, Shirkoo Hasanpoor, Mohammad Abdullahi, Khazar Rasoulizadeh, Saman Nasim, Amir Molladoost, Sirvan Naxhavi, Jafar Mirzaei, Ibrahim Rezapoor, Mohammad Abdulbakht, Abdullah Asghari, Abdulrahamn Solaiman, Seyed Sami Hossani, Abdullah Hamoodi, Ahmad Tamooyi, Osman Mostafapoor, Behrooz ALkhani, Mostafa Alrahman Yousef kakehmami, Seyed Jamal Mohammadi, Alireza Rasouli, Shooresh Afshari, Mostafa Davoodi are the names of the 28 stricken prisoners incarcerated at Urmieh Central Prison.
During this period, a number of political prisoners in other prisons in the country have been joined the strikers at Urmiyeh or have been written statements to announce their support for them.

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