“If You Are Innocent, You Will Go to Heaven.” Judge Told a Death Row Prisoner

HRANA News Agency – Reza Hosseini, 34, from Koohdasht in Lorestan Province, was one of the four prisoners who were executed with drug related charges on Tuesday, May 3. His mother and wife not only did not find the chance to visit him after traveling 840 km, but also were insulted by prison authorities.

According to his wife, judge Tayarani has responded to Mr. Hosseini’s claim that he was innocent: “no problem; if you are innocent you will be sent to heaven after execution”.

Following this report there is a combination of pictures, videos and documents about the arrest, trial and execution of Mr. Hosseini which HRANA has edited in an interview with his widow.

In the morning of Tuesday, May 3rd, at least four prisoners from Ghezelhesar and Fashafooyeh prisons, who were charged with drug related charges were executed by hanging.

HRANA identified these prisoners as: Ahmad Altafi, Abdulhamid Bagheri, Majid Imani and Reza Hosseini.

Reza Hosseini, 34, from Koohdasht city in Lorestan province, was one of the prisoners who was transferred from Fashafooyeh (Great Tehran) prison to Ghezelhesar prison for execution of the death sentence.

Prison authorities told Mr. Hosseini on Monday May 2, that he had visitors and transferred him to Ghezehesar prison. During the transfer the prisoner found out that he was being transferred for the execution. He could use a phone of one of the officers and informed his family.

Ms. Azadeh Geravand, his wife, told HRANA’s reported in an interview, “The drugs which have been mentioned in the documents did not belong to us and were found in our neighbor’s house whom we did not know. Reza was initially arrested because of having an argument with the Police in the parking.”

“During the first 70 days he was under pressure and interrogations and we could not visit him. Then he was transferred to Ghezelhesar prison and for 11 months he did not have permission to visit us”. Ms. Geravan continued.

“Mr. Amoozadeh, the prosecutor, stated many times that Reza would be acquitted and he was innocent. But judge Tayarani in a two-minute-long trial and in the symbolic presence of a lawyer told him to accept the charge and then he would help him. But my husband said that he was innocent, why he should accept it. Then the judge has told him: ‘No problem! If you are innocent you will go to heaven after the execution’”. She added.

The widow of this prisoner said at the end, “When he was being transferred for execution, we rushed to Tehran, but after travelling 840 km, not only did they not let his mother and I visit him, but they even insulted us”.

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