Intelligence ministry opposes a Sunni prisoner’s freedom

HRANA News Agency – The imprisonment of Mahdi Mohammadnejad is already finished and despite his severe kidney disease the prison authorities prevent him from being released.


According to the report of the Human Rights Activists News Agency in Iran (HRANA), this political-religious prisoner who was sentenced to three years imprisonment wihtout having access to lawyer by the branch No.28 of Tehran revolutionary court, has been transferred to Diesel Abad prison in Kermanshah from hall No.10 of Rajaie Shahr prison as his imprisonment is ended.


Last time his family visited him in prison he told them that he has severe pain in his kidney but the prison clinic do nothing in terms of medical treatment.


A source told HRANA reporter “Mehdi Mohammadnejad’s freedom warrant has been issued by the court but the Intelligence ministry opposed and want to form new dossier for him.”


Mehdi Mohammadnejad was arrested in the summer of 2010 in Sarpol Zahab and was in solitary confinement cell in Kermanshah’s intelligence about four months. Then he was transferred to Rajaie Shahr prison and sentenced to three years of imprisonment by judge Moqayesseh -Naserian- in the branch No.28 of Tehran revolutionary court.

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