IRGC Invites Kurds to Take up Arms Against PJAK

HRANA News Agency – The Army of the Guardians of the Islamic Revolution (IRGC) in Salmas County has published and distributed a pamphlet asking tribal forces and those living in border regions to fight against Kurdish Workers’ Party (PJAK).

According to a report by Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), IRGC has asked Kurdish citizens to begin an armed conflict against Kurdish Workers’ Party.IRGC agents have begun an orchestrated propaganda against PJAK by pressuring and threatened underprivileged citizens in the border regions to join the Basiji Milita in order to help the Islamic government to defeat PJAK.
In the pamphlet released by the Revolutionary Guard, IRGC warns the members and supporters of PJAK in Iran and says, “We ask courageous Kurds and honorable tribes in Salmas County not to tolerate injustice and oppression perpetrated by PJAK and to defend your honor, lives, properties, families and country by waging war against this group.Don’t remain silent until the last of these mercenaries are wiped off the face of this earth.”
According to the international rules of war and military engagement, civilians and their safety and security must not be endangered or threatened deliberately by the armed conflict between two adversaries.IRGC’s statement calling for armed confrontation between civilians and PJAK has militarized the region and has intentionally carried the current conflict into civilians’ lives.

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