Journalist Dina Ghalibaf Arrested

Journalist Dina Ghalibaf Arrested

Dina Ghalibaf, a journalist and student at Shahid Beheshti University, was arrested by security forces on April 16 and transported to an undisclosed facility.

The arrest took place at Ghalibaf’s residence, with the responsible security institution currently unidentified.
However, Ghalibaf revealed on social media yesterday that she had been apprehended by the police at a metro station in Tehran, where she was taken to a room, subjected to electric shocks, and sexually assaulted.

Previously, Ghalibaf had been summoned by the university’s disciplinary committee for her involvement in a protest against the execution of several individuals in the “House of Isfahan” legal case.

Ghalibaf has contributed to various news agencies, including ISNA and Eghtesad Online.

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