Kordpour brothers are still under arrest

HRANA News Agency – Khosro and Masoud Kordpur are still under temporary arrest in Mahabad prison.
According to a report by Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), the judge has told on July 14 that he won’t release them on the bail and they will be tried on August 3. According to the laws they must be released on the bail until the trial day since their interrogation process in finished.
A source which wanted to remain unknown told HRANA: “It seems that they are accused of publishing the news of Kurdish prisoners. But they have published no false news so they cannot be charged with “publishing false news.” Regarding these it is not clear under which legal charge they have been arrested. If they are guilty then all lawyers and news agencies are guilty, too.”
Masoud and Khosro Kordpour are human rights activists and the administrators of “Mukrian News Agency.” They were under arrest in the intelligences of Mahabad and Urmia for 4 months and have been transferred to Mahabad prison on June 26.

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