A Kurdish civilian was shot by police forces

HRANA News Agency – A native Kurdish “carrier” of the village “Byzhveh” environ of Sardasht was injured with a direct hit of the police shoot on September 9th.
According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), on 9th September a “carrier” named Ramyar Ebrahimi, a native Kurdish of the village called “Byzhveh”, environ of Sardasht city, was shot by the Iranian military.
According to eyewitnesses, bullet hit his head and that’s why he was transferred to one of the medical centers in Urmieh.
It is said, because of the difficulty of injuries, Ramyar Abrahami is in ICU section of a hospital and he is in coma. Doctors said his condition is serious.
It needs to be explained that Koolbaran (carriers) is a name for edgy workers who have to carry goods on their back to earn something for their lives. They mostly work in the provinces of West Azerbaijan, Kurdistan and Kermanshah. They have no other choice for their earning and just for a low wage they have to transport the goods on their back outside of the official customs.

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