At Least 11 Prisoners Executed in Ghezelhesar Prison

HRANA News Agency – At least 11 prisoner were hanged in Ghezelhesar prison.

According to the report of Human rights Activists News Agency in Iran (HRANA), at least 11 prisoners were hanged in Ghezelhesar Karaj prison.

HRANA has identified the prisoners who were charged with drug offenses as: Hamid Saber, Hamid Babaee, Peyman Sabalan, Gholam Pirzadeh, Hamid Nazari, Abbas Karami, Genjali Chekehzadeh Garavandoo, a prisoner from Ghezelhesar prison with Zanjani family name, Amin Sabzi and Khashayar Ahani from Fashafouyeh prison and Jaber Saberi probably from Rajai Shahr prison.

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