Mahmood Mehrabi Arraigned on Charge of “Spreading Corruption on Earth”

Mahmood Mehrabi Arraigned on Charge of "Spreading Corruption on Earth"

Mahmood Mehrabi, who is presently held in detention at Dastgerd Prison in Isfahan, has been officially indicted on charges of “spreading corruption on earth” by the Mobarakeh Public and Revolutionary Courthouse.

Mehrabi faces a multitude of allegations, including “spreading corruption on earth through the dissemination of false information, propagating anti-regime content on the Internet, inciting military and police personnel to abandon their duties, and encouraging acts of aggression, as well as insulting both the former and current Supreme Leader of Iran.”

On February 1, 2023, security forces apprehended Mehrabi in Isfahan. Although he was temporarily released on bail on March 16, 2023, he was re-arrested shortly thereafter at his residence, reportedly in connection with his social media posts that voiced dissent.

It is noteworthy that Mehrabi has a history of prior arrests and convictions stemming from his activism.


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