Mass Arrests of Afghani Immigrants in Multiple Cities

HRANA News Agency – The police forces have started a new wave of arrests and harassment against Afghan immigrants.
According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), the police forces have arrested many Afghan illegal-immigrants in different cities in Iran, including Mashhad, Varamin, Isfahan and Shiraz.
An Afghan immigrant told HRANA’s reporter, “more than 250 people were arrested only in Golshahr. More than 90% of them are active workers, which are among the poorest and most vulnerable classes of the society”.
According to this source, one of the arrestees is a father who has lost his son in Syria.
HRANA’s sources described the behavior of police with the immigrants as, “cruel, humiliating and inhumane”.
The behavior of Iran’s police with illegal Afghan immigrants always have been criticized by the human rights organizations.
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