Mohammad Amin Agushi Sent to Furlough

Posted on: 15th September, 2016
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Mohammad Amin Agushi

HRANA News Agency – Mohammad Amin Agushi was sent to a short-term furlough from central prison of Tabriz.

According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), Mohammad Amin Agushi, security prisoner of central prison of Tabriz was sent to furlough on September 4.

Need to be mentioned Mohammad Amin Agoushi was arrested on September 23, 2007 on charges of espionage and cooperation with Kurdistan Regional Government. After 7 months and 20 days of interrogations in central prison of Uremia and in solitary confinement, in Ramazan base of intelligence service, he was released after 8 months on the bail of 1500 million IRR by branch number 2 of military court of Uremia.

He was plead guilty in all charges by judge Hafez Ghafarri and judge Samimi in branch number 2 of military court of Uremia and transferred to central prison of Uremia. After 4 months and after 5 sessions he was sentenced to death by fire squad, by judge Hafiz Ghafari.

After appealing, his case was sent to the supreme court and processed in branch number 31 by judge Mohammad Salimi, who confirmed the death sentence based on article 109 of constitution.

In 2010 his retrial request was approved and the case was opened again and processed in branch number 31, but this time his sentence was reduced to 10 years prison in exile.

He was transferred to Zahedan prison in July 2012.

Iraj Mohammadi and Mohammad Amin Agoushi were transferred from Zahedan prison to Tabriz prison.