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Mohammad Saber Malek Raisi Ended His Hunger Strike after 39 Days

Posted on: 5th March, 2018
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Mohammad Saber Malek Raisi

HRANA News Agency – Mohammad Saber Malek Raisi, political prisoner who had been transferred to the quarantine after being beaten because of protesting against the restrictions and prohibitions imposed on him, ended his hunger strike after 39 day and 24 kilograms weight loss by sending a message and emphasizing that “in such a situation, the priority is to focus to civil society and media attention is the protests in Iran.” The prisoner asked everyone who was worried about his situation “to pay attention to the conditions of the protesters in Iran.”

According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency in Iran (HRANA), Mohammad Saber Malek Raisi, political prisoner in Evin prison, ended his hunger strike after 39 days.

A source close to Mr. Raisi told HRANA’s reporter: “Saber was determined to achieve his legitimate demands despite that prison authorities had promised Saber to pursue his demands about 2 weeks ago but he continued the hunger strike until the thirty-ninth day and eventually ended this strike for another reason that may not be common, but is the cause of the current state of country and is Saber’s concern.”

Mohammad Saber Malek Raisi, explained in a short message, which has been provided to HRANA: “My hunger strike began to protest against inhumane conditions imposed on me and lasted for 39 days. During this time, I received the attention of my fellow citizens and their increasing attention. However, this strike coincided with the national protests across the country. We, as people who have always called for hearing the voice of the people and had been limited as prisoners are obliged to support the people who had protested to achieve their demands. Except for empathy and companionship with the people who want the change, I thought that my strike attracted the attention and concern of some friends and the media, even in a minimalistic way, in situations that it is necessary to pay one hundred percent attention to the situation of the country and the support of protesters who chant “political prisoner should be free” in the streets. So I end my hunger strike with in solidarity with the Iranian protesters after 39 days and call on all of my friends to focus on supporting the Iranian people’s movement.”

Mohammad Saber Malek Raisi who has been on hunger strike since the last 39 days due to protesting against being beating in the quarantine of Ardebil prison, has loss at least 24 kg weight.

The prisoner has been transferred to ward seven of Ardebil prison, whereabouts of political prisoners, by the end of hunger strike.

Despite the promise of prison authorities to follow the demands of the prisoner, the restrictions on the contact remain.

Mr. Malek Raisi suffered from serious injuries, in addition to the previous problems, during the hunger strike, as it was reported that the prisoners repeatedly saw him when the authorities transferred him to prison clinic.

The main demand of this prisoner was using phone while he was worried about the situation of his father. However, he had been transferred to the quarantine after being beaten and is still denied the right of using the phone and meeting.

The situation of this political prisoner was appealing to public opinion, to the extent that the trend of supporting him had become the first trend of Twitter from Iran.

Mr. Malek Raisi who is serving his sentences in exile thousands of miles away from his family does not intimately meet with his family because of long distance, and his only way of contacting was a phone call which was taken away from him.

Mohammad Saber Malek Raisi was arrested at the age of 17 and as he himself said in his letters, he was arrested for the activities of one of his brothers as a “hostage” while the security apparatus had no access to him. He spoke about two years of tolerating solitary confinement and torture in his letters.

Mr. Malek Raisi had announced that his confessions were obtained under torture and pressure at the hearing, but he was sentenced to the exorbitant detention of 15 years in exile.

This citizen, who was arrested as a teenager and is now serving his eighth year in exile in Ardabil prison, had written an open letter to President Hassan Rouhani. Mr. Raisi, had insisted that he had been fastened to the bar in the middle of the prison yard, with handcuffs and shackles for 14 hours, on December 28 and had informed him about his hunger strike. Mohammad Saber Malek Rais, Baluch political prisoner is serving his 15 years’ imprisonment in exile in the central prison in Ardabil, was transferred to Evin Prison from this prison in 2017 then was returned to central prison in Ardabil from Evin Prison after three months on July 11, 2017.