Mohsen Shoja Went to Evin Prison to Serve his Sentence

Posted on: 21st March, 2016
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Mohsen Shoja

HRANA News Agency – Mohsen Shoja, civil rights activist and one of the arrestees of the sit-in in front of Evin prison, has self-surrendered to Evin Prison to serve his 91-day-sentence.

According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), Mohsen Shoja, civil rights activist and one of the arrestees of the sit-in in front of Evin Prison, on March 15, 2016 has self-surrendered to Evin Prison in order to serve his prison sentence.

Mr. Shoja was arrested about 4 months ago during the civil rights activists’ sit-in in front of the Evin Prison. Later this activist was charged with “Disturbing the Public Order through commotion” and was tried at branch number 1060 with chief judge Farshid Dehghan.

Judge Dehghan has sentenced Mr. Shoja to 91 days custodial sentence and 74 lashes suspended sentence, this civil rights activist self-surrendered to Prison to serve his 91 days custodial sentence, which should be a month shortened considering the time he has previously served under temporary detention.

Mohsen Shoja also has an open case pending concerning his arrest last year. About the legal status of this open case Mr. Shoja has told the HRANA’s reporter: “I was arrested because of the sit-in with Mr. Nourizad in order to get his personal belongings back, and I was charged with four charges of “Disturbing the Public Order”, “Acting Against the National Security”, “Insulting the Supreme Leader”, and “Propaganda Against the Regime”. These were communicated to me by Amin Nasseri, the prosecutor of Branch 6 of the Shahid Moghadas court in Evin prison. I was released on a bail after 10 days, and no trial has been held for this case yet.”

It’s worth mentioning, on Wednesday September 3, 2014, Mr. shoja was arrested at Taleghani St. in front of the former USA embassy, after a meeting with Mohammad Nourizad, artist, critic, and civil rights activist and on Monday September 13, 2014 he was released on a 50-Million-Thomans bail.