Money demanded from prisoners for prison repairs

HRANA News Agency – Rajaie Shahr Prison authorities demanded money from Prisoners for repairing doors, windows and other prison facilities.
According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), at the beginning of the cold season prisoners made a request for installing glass on the cell windows and repairs for the halls. However, prison authorities demanded money from the prisoners to carry out these repairs.
In a phone call, a prisoner at Rajaie Shahr Prison told HRANA reporter: “a person called Aydin Shariat Madari is in charge of all window repairs. Plastic sheets are installed instead of glass on window frames and the mentioned person asks for a payment of 2000 -3500 Tomans for each cell from prisoners, depending on the location of the cell.  These plastic covers will not get installed on windows in case prisoners refuse to pay. Each cell usually requires 4 of these plastic sheets.”
This source continued: “Prisoners were also asked for payment by other authorities in charge of wards and facility repairs such as installing sockets, door hinges, toilet doors, etc. Prison director told us that we should not make any payment when we contacted him, but if we refuse to pay, our windows will leave with no cover, and facility repairs will not take place.”
This source also mentioned: “Recently a door was installed for one of the halls and these authorities took 600,000 Tomans from prisoners for it.”

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