Mousa Soodi Moghanloo Began to Serve his Sentence in Tabriz Prison

HRANA News Agency – Mousa Soodi Moghanloo, civil rights activist from Ardebil, was transferred to Tabriz prison in order to serve his 7 months sentence, on Saturday April 23.
According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), Mousa Soodi Moghanloo who went to branch number 2 of Tabriz revolutionary court, was sent to Tabriz prison in order to serve his 7 months in prison sentence.
Mousa Soodi Moghanloo was arrested during Tractor and Aljazeera soccer match, and was tried in March 2016 in branch number 2 of Tabriz revolutionary court.
He was arrested on March 7, 2013 by the security forces during a soccer match between Tractor and Aljazeera teams, and after interrogations in intelligent corps of Tabriz police, was transferred to the quarantine ward of Tabriz prison.
This civil rights activist had been transferred to the intelligence service office of Tabriz on Tuesday, March 7, 2013, and again sent back to Tabriz central prison on March 13, 2013.
Mousa Soodi Moghanloo was released on a bail of 500 million Iranian Rial from central prison of Tabriz, after nearly 20 days.
Some other citizens who were arrested along with Mousa Soodi are as following: Siamak Irani, Siamak Saifi, Mohammadali Esmaeilpoor, Ali Sarraf, Ali Ahmadi, Kasra Davoodi and Hossain Adljoo. It is said that these people were beaten during the arrest by the security police of Saeb Street of Tabriz.

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