Nine people were arrested in Ahwaz | Arraignment by electronic shocker

HRANA News Agency –  Nine Arab citizens were arrested in Ahwaz, Iran and their arraignment was by electronic shocker.
According to a report by Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), Security forces in night attacks arrested 9 arab citizens: Ali Chabishbad 46, Hossein Chabishbad 22, Habib Silaveh, Seyed Yasin Mousavi 34, Salman Chayan 32, Mohamad Chayan 30, Karim Chayan 34 and Ashour Shamikli from Khalaf Al Moslem village in Shoush, Ahwaz.
Activists and their relatives say they confessed under torture and for example, their arraignment was by electronic shocker.

“In the last few days a number of terrorist elements connected to foreign intelligence services … were identified and arrested along with a significant amount of explosives materials and items sent from a country in the Persian Gulf area,” the Intelligence Ministry statement said, according to Iranian state television’s website.
“These elements, led by Western-Zionist intelligence services, sought to commit other acts of sabotage, which were foiled.” The statement said the individuals, who it did not otherwise identify or give details on, had planned to blow up parts of Khuzestan’s energy infrastructure.
Activists say Iran’s authorities have increasingly cracked down on Ahwazis, who say they are discriminated against in employment, housing, and civil and political rights. In June, UN human rights experts said Iran had executed four Arab Iranians after an opaque trial whose fairness was questionable, and urged Tehran to halt all executions.
In November, Jamil Sowaidi, a 47-year old Ahwazi Arab welder and political activist was arrested last month in Ahwaz when men in plain clothes claiming to be the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) Counterintelligence agents raided his home. When Sowaidi’s family referred to local government agencies in an attempt to determine his whereabouts and the charges against him, the authorities refused to cooperate or provide any information. Two weeks ago, sources indicate that another plain clothes agent visited the Sowaidi household and informed the family that Jamil Sowaidi had died and discouraged them from continuing their search for him.

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