Nineteen people hanged during the last couple of days

HRANA News Agency – Over the last few days, nineteen people have been executed with charges of murder and drug trafficking in Alborz, Lorestan, Mazandaran, Qazvin and Gilan.

According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), five prisoners with unknown identity were hanged in Oroumieh prison. These individuals were charged with carrying drugs.

Afkar News has reported that three prisoners, residents of Delfan city, have been executed with charges of transportation and sale of narcotics in the city of Malayer. Moreover, Arsh News website reported the execution of a prisoner charged with murder in the city of Sari in January, 23, 2014.

This morning a prisoner accused of drug trafficking was executed in the Mother square of the city of Qazvin. Moreover, two prisoners named Hadi Hamidi Zare and Hamzeh Ramezani were executed with charges of murder on Monday, January, 27, 2014. Yesterday, seven prisoners were executed with charges of drug trafficking in Ghezel Hesar prison.

Some images of these executions have been documented in this report.

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