A number of Azeri nationalist-civil activists have been arrested

HRANA News Agency – Many Azeri nationalist-civil activists in Ardabil province, who were planned to climb Sabalan peak, the same as previous years, have been arrested by security and intelligence forces.
According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), while some nationalist-civil activists of towns and cities in Ardabil province were planned to climb Sabalan peak, like past years, the security and intelligence service forces blocked their way to Sabalan station and prevented them from climbing. Also, they have arrested the activists who could reach to Sabalan station, around 8 pm, on August 11.
Security forces have used excessive force and have insulted the arrestees during their transfer to Meshkin-Shahr. Beating, using swear words, humiliation and insulting are some of these inhuman behaviors.
Arrestees have been transferred to revolutionary court of Meshkin-Shahr on August 16th after spending two days in detention center at the police station. The judge has neglected their defenses and charged them with allegations like illegal gathering and propaganda against the government and has threatened them with jail punishment. The arrestees have announced that they will start group hunger strike, if they would be imprisoned, and they will not put bail.
The names of activists who were arrested are: Rahim Gholami, Aydin Zakeri, Meysam Joulani, Jafar Rostami, Saeid Hosaini, Hamid Ghovvati, Habib Negahban, Eisa Azizi, Hasan Joulani and Reza Ghoumi.

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