Salmas residents’ water is contaminated

HRANA News Agency – Contaminated water has caused Salmas residents to worry about infectious diseases.
According to a report by Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), drinking contaminated water in Salmas has increased the risk of developing certain infectious diseases caused by germs.
In the past few days, some households in Salmas have reported seeing mud and small, white worms in their drinking water.  The pollutants are better visible in households where the faucets don’t have tap aereators to filter out the mud and other contaminants.
“Unfortunately city’s water quality is not the same as before when chlorine was used to purify the water,” one of the residents says.  “We have found pollutants in our water lately.”
“The pipes are broken along the way,” another resident explains.  “Before water gets to our homes, animals have access to it.”
Residents have given samples of the contaminated water to the Department of Health in Salmas.

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