Pouria Ebrahimi Transferred to Evin Prison’s Clinic

HRANA News Agency – Pouria Ebrahimi, an imprisoned civil activist, was transferred to Evin prison’s clinic, after there was a recurrence of respiratory disease and lack of access to asthma medication.
According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency in Iran (HRANA), this imprisoned civil activist who suffers from asthma and uses special inhaler, had no access to this medicine for a few days due to prison authorities’ failure to cooperate, and his transfer to the prison infirmary was useless because of the lack of medication there.
Pouria Ebrahimi, born in 1994, who has previous experience of arrest and detention, was arrested on 9th June and charged with propaganda against the regime, gathering and collusion against national security, by the Branch 6 of the court in Evin prison. After 20 day being held in ward 209, at the end of interrogation, he was transferred to ward 8 of Evin prison.
He had endured one year imprisonment in ward 350, previously, on the charge of propaganda against the regime.

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