Pouya Ghorbani Sentenced to 6 Years in Prison

May 20, 2010
HRANA – Detained university student Pouya Ghorbani has been sentenced to 6 years in prison by judge Salavati presiding over Branch 15 of the Revolutionary Court.

Pouya Ghorbani who is currently held in Ward 350 of Evin prison is one of the many individuals arrested in the aftermath of last year’s presidential elections. Interrogators subjected this young university student to severe physical and psychological pressures during his many interrogations in order to illicit a confession against his relatives.
According to Daneshjoo News, Pouya Ghorbani was arrested along with his wife and brother. His wife was given a 30-month suspended prison sentence by Branch 26 of the Revolutionary Court and his brother was released after posting bail. Suspended prison sentences can be enforced by the judiciary at any time.
According to received reports Mr. Ghorbani’s psychological condition is not well.


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